Welcome To Small Wonders School 
Founded in 1998 with a handful of students, Small Wonders has blossomed into one of the premier educational institutes of the city. Small wonders is a school that balances traditional values wit... More...
About Us


Students from all cultures, religions and beliefs are welcome to this school. We aim at providing a truly cosmopolitan, national culture, that respects unity in diversity and imparting quality education to nurture a broad minded attitude to all our children. We make sure our children learn to question rationally.

We want that a Small Wonders student should be recognized by his impeccable behavior and sterling character. Through our learning we aim to instill a set of core values in the child, that would keep him on the right track throughout his life.



"From darkness take me to light"  

We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all around us and the more we gain, the more is our desire, the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing.  

We are building the nation : We will be successful if our students maintain the hunger to learn throughout their lives.  

Never be satisfied till they have realized their full potential in life.  

Learn the values of selfless service.  

Face life's challenges without comprising on their core ideals.  

Develop a strong mind in a strong body. 



To help children to dream and equip them with an independent thinking mind to make those dreams come true

To create world citizens with strong native roots.  

To develop a scientist's mind, a sportsman's body, an artist's eye and a pilgrim's soul by teaching children to teach themselves.  

Face life's challenges without comprising on their core ideals.  

To rest not till we reach.

   From the Advisor’s Desk                                       Education is what survives when all that was learned has been forgotten  We at Small Wonders...... More...