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Founded in 1998 with a handful of students, Small Wonders has blossomed into one of the premier educational institutes of the city. Small wonders is a school that balances traditional values wit... More...
Director, Mrs. Poonam Agrawal


I Took the  Road Less Travelled by and That Has Made all the Difference


      As director of Small Wonders I have a very important role to play. Not only managing the school, but also overseeing its progress. Although Sir H.C.Daga, Madam Sangeeta Grover and my excellent staff have developed Small Wonders into the institution I had envisioned, my mind and heart is always in the school, no matter in which part of the world I am in. All these pains seem worthwhile when I see a child winning a contest, progressing academically and the staff taking that extra step to teach their students.

      I firmly believe that besides the infrastructure, hi-tech environment and facilities, it is the approach and quality of staff that matters the most. Since the inception of this school I have been overwhelmed with the performance of every person and feel proud of the collective effort. This also inspires us to keep progressing and achieve bigger goals.


      When I see a child’s tiny hand moving a computer mouse and the eagerness in his eyes to explore the computer’s abilities or a child listening to a lesson with his eyes open and getting involved in the process, my heart gets filled  with a feeling of fulfillment. I just love to see young students germinating into strong and responsible humans.

       As director of Small Wonders I have the responsibilities of the management, academics and the fortune of nurturing the future of the children. I am overwhelmed with the role I have to play for crafting a better society, with the support of all our well wishers. I am more than confident that Small Wonders will not only produce scholars but responsible and culturally awakened children on whose able shoulders  will rest the edifice of a strong, united and progressing India.



                                                                                           Mrs. Poonam Agrawal


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